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When purchasing a house or building it is important to consider the era the structure was built as materials used may affect the health of your new home.

With the housing market being so transactional many purchasers are skipping property inspections to avoid losing out on the deal. This may not be a good idea as it is important to know what updates, renovations and possible remediations and abatements will be in your financial forecast; as well as how this might affect your living environment. The property you want to purchase could have foundation issues, leaks, or may have outdated materials used in the insulation or ceiling like asbestos. Asbestos can be safe when contained and installed correctly and when it has been left undisturbed. Other times asbestos can be hazardous. Most properties have had many owners and it is impossible to know the complete history of the house structure. To be safe and make a sound judgement it is important to contact a business that specializes in Asbestos Inspections, as well as Asbestos Testing and Analysis so that you know truly what you are purchasing. BC Hazmat is the right business to call. Keep reading to learn the benefits of hiring an asbestos testing company and why you should do so before you purchase a home: 1. DETECT HEALTH PROBLEMS

As you may already know, asbestos can cause numerous health issues, including lung cancer, chronic obstructive, and asbestosis. The symptoms don't typically become apparent until twenty years after exposure at the earliest. Having an asbestos inspection done is a great first step and may help to prevent the contracting of these illnesses later on in life. 2. NEGOTIATE IN YOUR FAVOUR

If there's asbestos in the house you are looking to buy the current homeowner should have an asbestos analysis done prior to listing the property to share with potential purchasers. If this is not the case you can ask the homeowner to get one done as part of the sale agreement or include an asbestos inspection as one of your purchasing subjects. If the owner doesn't agree to these options then you are left with offering a lower bid price or moving on from the property altogether. 3. HELPS YOU BUDGET PROPERLY

If you do move forward with purchasing the property at a lower price it is important to understand what the potential removal costs can be for abatement. The removal process can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $30,000 or higher, depending on the materials found to contain asbestos throughout your house. Keep this in mind and include it within your purchasing budget. 4. CERTIFIED EXPERTS

There are many home inspectors to choose from in the Vancouver area. However, the services they offer do not usually include an asbestos inspection. By hiring a company that specializes in asbestos inspections, testing and analysis, you can be sure the property will be thoroughly assessed for asbestos. When you hire Coast BC Hazmat the initial consultation is free. HIRE A REPUTABLE ASBESTOS TESTING SERVICE

The risks of skipping an asbestos inspection could cost you your health, time and a lot of money. Why not take the extra step of getting an asbestos inspection in Vancouver? BC Hazmat Inspections has been helping homeowners in the Greater Vancouver area detect hazardous materials for over 10 ten years. We have the NIOSH-certified technicians in our labs to run these tests to ensure you get accurate results. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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