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Asbestos Testing

People often think of air pollution as an outdoor phenomenon. But it turns out indoor air pollution is often worse than its outdoor counterpart. The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety reports that indoor air quality can cause several health problems. In extreme cases, it can even cause carbon monoxide poisoning. The Canadian government requires asbestos testing under various circumstances. These asbestos testing requirements can keep you safe and protect your household or business.


Many of Canada's laws surrounding asbestos testing requirements affect businesses. After all, these buildings regularly host dozens or hundreds of people each day. When does Canadian law require businesses to run an asbestos risk assessment? The short answer is whenever they know there's asbestos in the building. The law requires businesses to conduct tests when they become aware of friable and non-friable ACM (asbestos-containing material). Friable ACM refers to a material containing more than 1% asbestos. This material can contain asbestos in its weight or area. The Canadian government also recognizes three types of asbestos risk assessments: Type 1 (low risk) Type 2 (medium risk) Type 3 (high risk) Businesses cannot conduct these risk assessments on their own. Instead, the Canadian government requires them to work with a professional environmental consultant. Finally, a business must place its building under an asbestos management program. This program requires regular inspections of the building. These programs also require companies to notify all building occupants of the asbestos. Also, the company must keep a record of its asbestos materials. WHAT ABOUT HOME ASBESTOS TESTING?

The importance of asbestos testing extends beyond businesses. It also affects homeowners and their safety. Canada's laws don't require the same rigorous testing for homes as for businesses. However, health officials do offer some asbestos testing advice for homeowners. First, reduce the risk by testing for asbestos before home improvement projects. These projects include:

  • renovations and remodelling

  • demolitions

  • additions

Some types of attic insulation may contain asbestos. Since it's such a high-risk area, ensure:

  • children don't enter the attic

  • avoid using the attic for storage

  • seal all cracks and holes in the sealing

If you discover asbestos in your home, don't panic! Instead, check with local authorities to find a reliable asbestos risk assessment professional. These authorities can help you stay safe and preserve your health. ASBESTOS TESTING IN BURNABY, RICHMOND AND ACROSS GREATER VANCOUVER

As you can see, asbestos testing plays a vital role in protecting your health. It's crucial to hire a professional team to assess your asbestos risk as soon as you discover this material. As a rule of thumb, you can expect your home or business to contain asbestos if it was built prior to the 1990s. If you live in Burnaby or Richmond, consider hiring us! BC Hazmat Inspections services all of GVRD and has provided asbestos testing services to the Lower Mainland for over ten years. Whether you're a homeowner or business owner, you can trust us to protect your building environments from the negative effects of disturbed asbestos. Our laboratory can produce fast analyses to determine your safety risks. Contact us today to access the resources you need!


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