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The Importance of Asbestos Testing in Delta and White Rock

Image of two people removing an asbestos roof.

If you are a property owner in Delta or White Rock, it is highly recommended for you to arrange for a professional hazmat inspection or asbestos testing for your building, especially if it is an old one. Not only is it necessary to conduct proper asbestos testing for regulatory compliance, but it also helps preserve the structural integrity of a property and safeguard the health of its inhabitants.


What is Asbestos?


Asbestos is a highly dangerous and toxic mineral composed of soft fibers so thin that they are usually very difficult to see or feel. As a result, it is very easy for asbestos to spread, especially in old buildings, unbeknownst to homeowners. Due to the flexible nature of its fibers, asbestos is also quite resistant to heat and corrosion.


The Challenge that Asbestos Poses for Homeowners in Delta and White Rock


Due to its heat resistance and strength, asbestos was once widely used in construction projects in Delta and White Rock. Its insulating properties made it a popular material, especially for flooring and roofing purposes.


The 1960s saw a boom in the development of residential land in Delta and White Rock due to the construction of the George Massey Tunnel, which connected the city with Richmond and Vancouver, followed by the rerouting of Highway 99 from the King George Highway in Surrey. Over the next 20 years, as the population of Delta and White Rock continued to grow, so did the demand for new houses. The following two decades, leading up to 1980, thus saw a massive spike in the use of asbestos in those cities as more and more houses were being built.


Later, however, it was discovered that long-term exposure to asbestos could lead to serious health problems, including lung cancer and asbestosis, among others. Due to this, beginning in 1981, the Canadian government began to regulate the use of asbestos in homes across Canada, including Delta and White Rock. The use of asbestos in construction continued to decline until its total ban in April 2016.


However, since many of these old properties still exist today in Delta and White Rock, asbestos remains a risk to many homeowners. It was noted that asbestos was one of the leading causes of death for construction workers in BC in recent years. Failure for property owners and employers to take action for the proper removal and handling of asbestos can therefore have serious legal ramifications. For instance, in 2011, an asbestos removal company operating in various regions of the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia, including Delta, came under legal scrutiny for knowingly exposing his workers to asbestos without the use of proper protective equipment.


The Importance of Asbestos Testing


Asbestos being a highly toxic mineral, there are several reasons why it is important to consider conducting proper asbestos testing in old buildings:


·       Prevention of long-term health issues

·       Improvement of air quality

·       Protection of your building’s structure


Professional Asbestos Testing in Delta and White Rock


Serving Delta and White Rock, BC Hazmat Inspections offers comprehensive hazmat inspections and analytical lab services specifically tailored for hazardous materials, including mould, lead, and asbestos.


Contact us today to learn more about our asbestos testing service or to book an appointment with us.


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