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Professional Conclusive Asbestos Testing in Richmond

Looking to get your house or commercial space tested for asbestos? BC Hazmat Inspectionoffers services in Richmond and will be the perfect partner for your asbestos testing needs.

Asbestos is a dangerous mineral fibre that is also strong and fire-resistant. It was a widely used in building materials in BC until the early 1990s, so it is very likely to be present in older buildings. Before it was banned, asbestos was used in construction materials such as cement and plaster for added structural strength and as insulation against heat, noise and fire.

Asbestos fibres can linger in the air for several hours after asbestos-containing structures have been demolished. This contamination in the air can cause serious health problems, like cancer and lung disease.

BC Hazmat Inspections provides reliable asbestos testing services for residential, commercial and industrial clients in Richmond.

We have experienced technicians and the latest testing equipment to survey and inspect the site to prepare a hazmat report according to the guidelines of Work Safe BC. Call us to learn more.

Asbestos: Everywhere in Your House and in Local Businesses

Before the 1990s, asbestos was extensively used in construction and building materials. It can be found in your roof tiles, flooring, side walls, plasters, textured paints, adhesive and even most appliances, dishwashers and cooking range; the list is long. Asbestos testing can be performed to confirm the presence of asbestos, after which you can have it safely removed by our team of experts.


If you want to renovate your home or demolish it to build a new structure, asbestos testing is mandatory under WorkSafe BC regulations to protect workers from asbestos exposure.


BC Hazmat Inspections has the right equipment and NIOSH-certified technicians for asbestos testing in Richmond for your home, office or construction site. We also prepare hazmat reports, mould testing and more. Book an appointment now.

WorkSafeBC Guidelines for Handling Asbestos-Containing Material (ACM)

When demolishing old buildings, there are chances that asbestos is present in its structure, so it should be handled carefully by trained technicians only-


Before work begins on the demolition or salvage of machinery, equipment, a building or structure, or the renovation of a building or structure, all employers responsible for that work, and the owner must ensure that a qualified person inspects the machinery, equipment, building or structure and the worksite to identify the hazardous materials if any. (OHSRegulation Part 20.112(2))

  • All friable ACM must be removed and disposed of by trained and qualified workers before demolition, renovation, or salvage.

  • It is mandatory to submit a notice of project (NOP) for asbestos by the business or homeowner to the Workers' Compensation Board at least 48 hours before asbestos removal, demolition, renovation, or salvage work.

  • If asbestos-containing materials are found during work activities, the work should be stopped immediately and removed by trained and qualified workers before resuming work.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Some of the common questions raised by homeowners and business owners are-

What Should I Do as an Employer or Owner/Builder?

Employers and owners/builders are responsible for the well-being and safety of all the workers working for them and society also. They must follow obligatory WCB regulations for demolition and asbestos handling.

What Do I Have to Do Before Work Begins on the Demolition, Renovation, or Salvage of Buildings or Structures?

The employer or owner/builder must have a certified and trained person inspect the site to identify any asbestos that may be handled, disturbed, or removed.


Professional Asbestos Testing and Analysis Services

You can trust our expertise in performing hazmat surveys and asbestos testing in Richmond.

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