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Safe Asbestos Testing in Abbotsford

Asbestos is a highly toxic, fibrous silicate mineral that was used for its fire-resistant properties as the primary insulation material in the construction of buildings up until the 1980s and 90s. After research found that asbestos fibres were dangerous to anyone exposed to it, it has been banned for use in construction. If your home or office building existed in the 1980s, it is important to get your property tested and analysed for asbestos in your insulation, ceiling tiles, or flooring to ensure the asbestos is contained and not a health concern. Call BC Hazmat for safe and dependable asbestos testing and analysis, air quality testing, and mould testing in Abbotsford. Ensure you are protecting yourself, your family, colleagues, and friends from the dangers of disturbed asbestos.

Why the Need for Asbestos Testing and Analysis for Your Property in Abbotsford?

Asbestos was used in construction materials like cement, textiles, and many other products produced and used in building construction materials. Asbestos that was not correctly installed may become airborne, or asbestos can be disturbed during renovation projects; in these cases, affecting your air quality and becoming an extremely dangerous health hazard if inhaled by humans and or pets.


Asbestos is a carcinogen, and its exposure to humans has been linked to cancer, poisoning, and other health conditions such as kidney damage, lung damage, and lung cancer. Get your home or building inspected and tested for asbestos if it was built prior to the 1990s. From there, you can take the next steps of abatement and protect the well-being of you and anyone visiting or residing on your property. Explore our blog for additional helpful information about the importance of testing and the effects of asbestos. Contact our experts for certified property inspections for asbestos testing and analysis in Abbotsford.

Our Testing and Inspection Services

BC Hazmat Inspections offers high-quality testing and analysis services carried out by our qualified, certified, and experienced team. We test for asbestos, mould, and other toxic substances in every room of your property, and take samples of materials from the following components of your home:

  • Insulation

  • Siding

  • Adhesives

  • Ceiling and flooring tiles

  • Walls and drywall

  • Paints and plaster

  • Roofing

  • Crawlspaces

  • Basement floors

  • Ducting and plumbing

  • Electrical wiring

  • Furnaces fireplaces

  • And more

We will prepare a report of these samples from our lab and get back to you within a day or two with the results. Our inspectors are AHERA certified, and our lab techs are NIOSH certified. We use state-of-the-art tools and equipment while adhering to all safety protocols to check the following in our testing report:

  • Type of material

  • Friability

  • Extent

  • Accessibility

  • Location

  • Condition

If asbestos is found within your property, we will suggest proper removal options. You can trust us to provide quick turnaround times and reliable technical analysis to determine the level, if any, of hazardous materials in your home. Protect yourself and your property. Call us now to learn more about our hazmat inspections, mould analysis, and asbestos testing services in Abbotsford!


Quick and Safe Asbestos Testing in Abbotsford!

Protect your home and your property with our asbestos and air-quality testing services!

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