Mould removal in Surrey & Vancouver

How to Identify Mould in Your Home

At BC Hazmat Inspections, we specialize in mould testing in the Surrey and Vancouver area. With thousands of different varieties of mould, it can be hard to tell if one has invaded your home. Let our experts give you a little information about how to identify mould and what to do if you have it.

What Does Mould Look Like?

Unlike plants, who get their energy from the sun, moulds get energy by decomposing other forms of life. In order to do so, they develop lots of little tubular growths known as hyphae. The hyphae secrete enzymes, which assist in breaking down organic materials so that moulds can absorb the required nutrients. These tubular growths give a mould a kind of fuzzy appearance to the human eye. If you’ve seen a rotting piece of fruit that seems to have some kind of green or white hair on it, you’ve seen mould in action. But identification in your home can be tricky because moulds can exist in almost every colour imaginable.

Where Would I Typically Find Mould in My Home?
The two things that mould need to thrive are food and moisture. Although mould can be found pretty much anywhere in a house, the places in an average home that have the most moisture are the basement and the bathroom. If you want to find mould in your home, follow the moisture. A leaky pipe somewhere in a crawlspace, for instance, won’t just cause harm due to the water it gives off, it will also produce a perfect environment for mould to grow thereby multiplying the potential damage.

Where Can I Find Mould Abatement Services?
There are a lot of potential threats that mould can cause, so if you find some, you should be sure to call a mould abatement expert quickly. Not only is mould an excellent indicator of excess moisture in your home, there are also certain kinds of mould that can be toxic if inhaled by humans. Even if it isn’t toxic, however, any kind of mould in your home can exacerbate asthma, cause allergy symptoms and lead to other respiratory problems.

If you’re worried about mould in your home, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Contact us at BC Hazmat Inspections today for testing. If you need mould removal services, you can call our sister company, CM Environmental. If you live in the Vancouver or Surrey areas, our experts are standing by to help you keep your home safe and mould free.